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Hur söker man hyreslägenhet?

Vi har ingen generell intressekö för våra hyresrätter, men du kan anmäla ditt intresse till våra hyresfastigheter. Här kan du läsa mer och ställa dig i kö.
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  • Hur ska jag göra
    Nadia gallina
  • Hej Nadia!

    Följ länken: ställ dig i kö för befintliga hyreslägenheter och följ stegen i länken för att kunna nyttja vår tjänst och få möjlighet att hyra en hyresrätt hos Riksbyggen.

    Efter att du har ställt dig i kö behöver du invänta ett mejl om ledig bostad och följa instruktioner som finns i e-postmeddelandet.
    Sanna Kundkommunikatör
  • Hello,
    I'm moving to Linkoping in May and I would like to register to look for a flat to rent in the area for two years.

    I will be working at the University of Linkoping and they have recommended your services.

    I will apply for my Swedish personal number on the 9th of May.

    I would like to know if it is possible to register without a personal number, so that I can start looking at properties now. I will be in Linköping from the 9th to the 29th of May and can arrange views for that period in advance.

    I need to find a two-bedroom flat for rent starting on the 1st of June so that my partner and child can move to Sweden too.

    Jeg ville være ekstremt grateful hvis du kunne give nogle oplysninger om hvordan du skal gå om det, mens du venter på at søge og modtage mit personlige nummer.


  • Hey Sara!
    To be able to get a rental right with us, you must first queue through the website.

    Follow the link here to create an account.

    Once you've created an account and will put you in a queue, do the following:
    Touch the menu bar to search for new and queues. Touch a green circle at the bottom right to the "new queue".

    Select 101000 - Riksbyggen housing.
    Choose any wishes, size, rent floor plan etc.
    Select County, Östergötland.
    Choose City, Linköping.
    Choose areas.

    Now you are ready with your application.

    Now, just waiting for an email about vacant housing to make an interest report.

    Sanna Kundkommunikatör
  • Thanks Sanna,

    I have now registered and joined a queue. 

    Could you please let me know if in the case I found a suitable flat I could continue to sign a rental contract while waiting for my social security number to be processed? Or is it the case that i can only rent a flat once I am assigned a personnel number?

    Thanks so much for your help,


  • Hello Sara!

    Great, then you will receive an email when something becomes vacant and you can make an interest report.

    You do not need a social security number to keep in line for rental rights, but if you get an offer and want to thank you, you need a social security number. We take a regular credit report and can not be used without social security number.

    Sanna Kundkommunikatör

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